Současné možnosti a význam zobrazování hyalinní chrupavky kolenního kloubu před operačním zákrokem - rozdílný pohled ortopeda a radiologa

  title={Sou{\vc}asn{\'e} mo{\vz}nosti a v{\'y}znam zobrazov{\'a}n{\'i} hyalinn{\'i} chrupavky kolenn{\'i}ho kloubu před opera{\vc}n{\'i}m z{\'a}krokem - rozd{\'i}ln{\'y} pohled ortopeda a radiologa},
  author={Andrea {\vS}prl{\'a}kov{\'a}-Pukov{\'a} and Petr Vali{\vs} and doc.MUDr.Martin Repko},
The authors present an overview of the commonly used techniques and new trends of the cartilage imaging, especially postoperatively, and also discuss the potential of MRI imaging of the cartilage from the perspective of an experienced orthopaedic surgeon. In conclusion, the authors propose possible explanations for the potential discrepancies between the MRI and the arthroscopic findings. Hyaline cartilage damage and subsequent reparation of this tissue is one of the topical issues of… CONTINUE READING