Sorption kinetics and its effects on retention and leaching.

  title={Sorption kinetics and its effects on retention and leaching.},
  author={Tineke De Wilde and Jan Mertens and Pieter Spanoghe and Jaak Ryckeboer and Peter Jaeken and Dirk Springael},
  volume={72 3},
Sorption of pesticides to substrates used in biopurification systems is important as it controls the system's efficiency. Ideally, pesticide sorption should occur fast so that leaching of the pesticide in the biopurification system is minimized. Although modeling of pesticide transport commonly assumes equilibrium, this may not always be true in practice. Sorption kinetics have to be taken into account. This study investigated the batch sorption kinetics of linuron, isoproturon, metalaxyl… CONTINUE READING