Sorption-controlled degradation kinetics of MCPA in soil.

  title={Sorption-controlled degradation kinetics of MCPA in soil.},
  author={Pia Haugaard Jensen and Hans Christian Bruun Hansen and Jim Rasmussen and Ole Stig Jacobsen},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={38 24},
The relationship between sorption strength and degradation kinetics has been studied for the pesticide MCPA in a sandy top- and subsoil. After adding two types of sorbents (crushed peat and activated carbon) in various amounts to the sandy soils, sorption, desorption, and mineralization of 14C-MCPA were measured. The obtained Freundlich constants (KF) varied between 0.7 and 27.2 mg(1-nF) x L(nF)/kg, and the first-order mineralization rate constants varied between 0.001 and 0.128 d(-1). The… CONTINUE READING


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