Sorption and biodegradation of selected antibiotics in biosolids.

  title={Sorption and biodegradation of selected antibiotics in biosolids.},
  author={Chenxi Wu and Alison L. Spongberg and Jason D. Witter},
  journal={Journal of environmental science and health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous substances & environmental engineering},
  volume={44 5},
Laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the sorption and degradation of six antibiotics including Ciprofloxacin (CIP), Tetracycline (TC), Doxycycline (DTC), Sulfamethazine (SMZ), Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) and Clindamycin (CLD) in an aerobically digested biosolid. In the sorption experiment, CIP, TC, and DTC sorbed strongly, followed by CLD, while SMZ and SMX were only weakly sorbed to particles. An adsorption/desorption hysteresis was observed for nearly all the antibiotics to some… CONTINUE READING


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