Sorocein L and sorocein M: two Diels-Alder type adducts from Sorocea ilicifolia.

  title={Sorocein L and sorocein M: two Diels-Alder type adducts from Sorocea ilicifolia.},
  author={Franco Ferrari and Valdir Cechinel Filho and Tiziana Cabras and Irene Messana},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={66 4},
Two new Diels-Alder type adducts, named sorocein L (1) and sorocein M (2), together with the known kuwanon J and mulberrofuran O, were isolated from the methanolic extract of the roots of Sorocea ilicifolia. Sorocein L shows the same substitution pattern of sorocein M and corresponds to its ketalized derivative. 
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