Sorbitol dehydrogenases in Acetobacter suboxydans.

  title={Sorbitol dehydrogenases in Acetobacter suboxydans.},
  author={J T Cummins and Vernon H. Cheldelin and Tsoo E. King},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={226 1},
It has previously been shown that cell-free extracts of Acetobacter subozydans possess two pathways for the oxidation of sorbitol (1). In the presence of DPN,l fructose is produced; with TPN, sorbose is formed. The primary purpose of this paper is to describe the separation of these two dehydrogenases from each other. The DPN enzyme free from TPN activity has been concentrated about lBfold, whereas the TPN enzyme is fragile and apparently destroyed during fractionation. 
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