Soqotra: South Arabia's Strategic Gateway and Symbolic Playground

  title={Soqotra: South Arabia's Strategic Gateway and Symbolic Playground},
  author={Serge D. Elie},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={131 - 160}
  • Serge D. Elie
  • Published 1 November 2006
  • History
  • British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
This article undertakes a critical retrospective of the symbolic appropriation process through which Soqotra was constituted as an imaginative geography, embodying the strategic desiderata of states as well as the ideational fantasies of men over millennia. The island's location on the threshold of continents (Africa and Arabia), and on a cardinal node on the sea-lanes linking the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond, subjected its internal dynamics to the maelstrom of events in the larger… 
The Waning of Soqotra's Pastoral Community: Political Incorporation as Social Transformation
The Soqotra Archipelago is Yemen's ultimate frontier, straddling the African Continent and the Arabian Peninsula. Its approximately 50,000 inhabitants occupy a hyphenated geographical place as well
State‐Community Relations in Yemen: Soqotra’s Historical Formation as a Sub‐National Polity
Soqotra Island, the remote border outpost of the Yemeni state in the Indian Ocean, is a community of mixed ethnic composition with a non‐Arabic mother tongue. It offers an ideal socio‐political
Exploring the historical distribution of Dracaena cinnabari using ethnobotanical knowledge on Socotra Island, Yemen
The toponyms may support known hypotheses based on climate models that D. cinnabari had a wider distribution on Socotra Island in the past and confirm the historical importance of dragon’s blood.


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