Sony Online Entertainment: EverQuest®or EverCrack?

  title={Sony Online Entertainment: EverQuest{\textregistered}or EverCrack?},
  author={Judith W. Spain and Gina Vega},
  journal={Journal of Business Ethics},
At around 6:00 a.m., on Tuesday, November 20, 2001, in Hudson, WI, Shawn Woolley had logged on to his computer and began playing EverQuest , his favorite game. A few hours later he committed sui cide. Two days passed and, when he didn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner, his mother, Liz Woolley, found his body in a rocking chair at his computer desk. He had a 0.22 caliber rifle at his side and EverQuest was still playing on his computer screen.4 Mrs. Woolley stated to the news media that she… 

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In the context of an exploratory study that is reported elsewhere (under review), customers who told us they would feel uncomfortable leaving during service transactions were spoke to.

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Dumb People , Smart Objects : The Sims and the Distributed Self

Electronic Arts’ Sims franchise, encompassing three main entries, numerous expansions and spin-offs, and two distinct online versions, has transcended its video game status and become a cultural