Sonography of the cervical vagus nerve: normal appearance and abnormal findings.

  title={Sonography of the cervical vagus nerve: normal appearance and abnormal findings.},
  author={Francesco Giovagnorio and C Martinoli},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={176 3},
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the appearance of the cervical vagus nerve in healthy individuals and to investigate the potential role of sonography in revealing neck masses that cause vagal dysfunction. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We examined 150 consecutive patients. In 144 patients the presence of thyroid, salivary gland, or lymph node disease was suspected. In three patients a cervical mass was palpable, and three patients had symptoms of dysfunction of the inferior laryngeal… CONTINUE READING


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Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Vagus Nerve in Patients with Diabetes.

Journal of neuroimaging : official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging • 2017

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