Sonography in pathologies of scalp and hair.

  title={Sonography in pathologies of scalp and hair.},
  author={Ximena Wortsman and Joshua Wortsman and Lea Matsuoka and Tirza Saavedra and F. Josx00E9 Mardones and Domingo Saavedra and Rafael Guerrero and Yamile S Corredoira},
  journal={The British journal of radiology},
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Disorders of the scalp often result in severe cosmetic interference with quality of life, creating the need for optimal medical surveillance. We tested the latest generation of ultrasound machines in patients with scalp pathology and prepared a cross-sectional library encompassing a wide assortment of conditions. Normative data on the sonographic anatomy of scalp and human hair, and important methodological considerations, are also included.