Sonographische Befunde und Therapie bei einer Kuh mit Pyonephrose

  title={Sonographische Befunde und Therapie bei einer Kuh mit Pyonephrose},
  author={M. Lesser and S. Kr{\"u}ger and K. Nuss and T. Sydler and Ueli Braun},
  journal={Schweizer Archiv Fur Tierheilkunde},
Ultrasonography of a six-year-old Simmental cow revealed an abscess like structure, approximately 15 cm in diameter, in place of the right kidney. The cow had a history of colic for 4 days and was referred to our clinic with a tentative diagnosis of caecal dilatation. The cow voided dark opaque urine with white floccules. Laboratory examination yielded increased haematocrit, leukocytosis with left shift, hyperbilirubinaemia and azotaemia. The diagnosis was confirmed, the caecum emptied… Expand