Sonographic presentation in autoimmune thyroiditis.

  title={Sonographic presentation in autoimmune thyroiditis.},
  author={S. Mei Lai and Tien Chang and C. Chiung Chang and S H Kuo and Fannie Chen},
  journal={Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi},
  volume={89 12},
We used real-time ultrasonography to examine 60 patients with autoimmune thyroiditis, then correlated the ultrasonic pictures with thyroid function, thyroid autoantibodies and fine needle aspiration cytology. In these 60 patients, 45 (75%) showed diffuse goiter, 6 (10%) showed multinodular goiter, and 9 (15%) had a solitary thyroid nodule sonographically. One of the 9 patients with a solitary nodule was a case of autoimmune thyroiditis combined with papillary carcinoma. The echogenicity of the… CONTINUE READING


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