Sonographic evaluation of the cartilage of the knee.

  title={Sonographic evaluation of the cartilage of the knee.},
  author={Alex M. Aisen and William J. Mccune and A M MacGuire and Paul L. Carson and Terry M. Silver and Syed Zafar Hasan Jafri and William C. Martel},
  volume={153 3},
Real-time ultrasound was assessed as a means of evaluating osteoarthritis of the knee. The knee was maintained in complete flexion so as to expose the weight-bearing portion of the femoral condylar cartilage. After establishing the validity of the method in an excised bovine knee, 7 asymptomatic individuals, 10 arthritic patients, and several patients with other conditions were examined. The results indicated that sonography can be used to measure the thickness of the articular cartilage in man… CONTINUE READING