Sonografische Bestimmung des Höhenstandes des fetalen Conus medullaris im Laufe der Schwangerschaft

  title={Sonografische Bestimmung des H{\"o}henstandes des fetalen Conus medullaris im Laufe der Schwangerschaft},
  author={M. Hoopmann and Harald Abele and Norbert Berthold Wagner and Diethelm Wallwiener and Karl Oliver Kagan},
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Frauengesundheit als Perspektive der Frauenheilkunde

The holistic aspect reveals itself in a special way in all efforts to personalize diagnosis and treatment, but also in gender-specific communication structures—simultaneously mirroring and tracking current changes in medicine.

Gynaecology - Quo vadis? Situation Analysis, National and International Perspectives.

A SWOT analysis of the specialty's situation as a whole and in particular for gynaecology in German universities, where the shortage of new recruits becomes apparent and a broadening of the perspectives on women's health and individualised medicine come into focus.

University Gynaecology and Obstetrics, quo vadis? A Department of Women’s Health—University Women’s Hospital of the future?

Methodological diversity and inter-professionalism build the appropriate base for the further development of research fields, and the Department creates space for the consolidation of the core areas and the integration of sub-disciplines to maintain the unity of this discipline.