Sonic Hedgehog in cancer stem cells: a novel link with autophagy.

  title={Sonic Hedgehog in cancer stem cells: a novel link with autophagy.},
  author={Luis A. Milla and Claudia N Gonz{\'a}lez-Ram{\'i}rez and Ver{\'o}nica Palma},
  journal={Biological research},
  volume={45 3},
The Sonic Hegdehog/GLI (SHH/GLI) pathway has been extensively studied for its role in developmental and cancer biology. During early embryonic development the SHH pathway is involved mainly in pattern formation, while in latter stages its function in stem cell and progenitor proliferation becomes increasingly relevant. During postnatal development and in adult tissues, SHH/GLI promotes cell homeostasis by actively regulating gene transcription, recapitulating the function observed during normal… CONTINUE READING
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