Sonia Delaunay's Robe Simultanée: Modernity, Fashion, and Transmediality

  title={Sonia Delaunay's Robe Simultan{\'e}e: Modernity, Fashion, and Transmediality},
  author={Tom Slevin},
  journal={Fashion Theory},
  pages={27 - 54}
  • Tom Slevin
  • Published 1 February 2013
  • Art
  • Fashion Theory
Abstract This article considers Sonia Delaunay's “simultaneous dress” of 1913. Delaunay's art and fashion are significant not only since they unfold from a context of radical fin-de-siècle thought relating to psychophysics and the fourth dimension, but crucially, she relocated the site of knowledge to the body. For Delaunay, this move restored emphasis to embodiment as the active producer of experience, and also as the condition from which subjectivity is issued. Delaunay refigured her body… 
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