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Songs young Japanese children sing : an ethnographic study of songs and musical utterances

  title={Songs young Japanese children sing : an ethnographic study of songs and musical utterances},
  author={Sean Ichiro Manes},


The Challenge of "Bi-Musicality"
n the world of music one occasionally hears of the highly-skilled mechanic who fancies himself a performer, the clever inventor who passes himself off as a composer, the diligent historian who
Sakura, sakuranbo no rizumu to uta [The songs and rhythms of cherries
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Qualitative research methods (5 ed.)
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Playing the Music — Comparing Performance of Children’s Song and Dance in Traditional and Contemporary Namibian Education
How do young Namibian children engage with music? What and when do they play? How are they educated in the performing arts? These are fascinating questions upon which I hope to provide a perspective.
Music in children's cognitive and affective development
Constructing Gender in an English Dominant Kindergarten: Implications for Second Language Learners
This article is part of a year-long ethnographic study conducted in an English dominant kindergarten in the United States. The classroom comprised 6 Spanish-bilingual English language learners and 17
Civil Society, State, and Institutions for Young Children in Modern Japan: The Initial Years
  • K. Uno
  • Law
    History of Education Quarterly
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Research on the history of children and childhood in modern Japan (1868–1945) reveals that issues related to civil society, state, and the establishment of institutions for young children can be