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Song in the white-eyed vireo

  title={Song in the white-eyed vireo},
  author={Donald Joyce Borror},
  journal={The Wilson Journal of Ornithology},
  • D. Borror
  • Published 1987
  • Biology
  • The Wilson Journal of Ornithology
-This is an audiospectrographic study of the primary song of the White-eyed Vireo (Vireo griseus) based on 16,6 12 recorded songs of 379 birds from 20 states, Bermuda, and the Bahamas, and representing the five subspecies that occur in the United States. Information is given on song construction, song variation, individual repertoires, singing behavior, song and note type sharing by two or more birds, and geographic variation. The largest song-type repertoire was 17, and most birds had a… 

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Observations suggest that dawn song delivery in Pied Bush Chat plays an important role in maintenance and adjustment of social relationship among neighbouring males.

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Observations suggest that dawn song delivery in Pied Bush Chat plays an important role in maintenance and adjustment of social relationship among neighbouring males.

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It is suggested that cultural evolution, geographical variation and dialect boundaries, being features of populations rather than individuals, are epiphenomena without functional significance in themselves, but song learning may confer advantages stemming from the copying process itself, in interactions with neighbours and in matching song to habitat.

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Singing behaviour of the oriental magpie robin (Copsychus saularis)

Song repertoires varied across the years largely due to addition and/or deletion of the song types in the successive years, indicating that the OMR could be regarded as an open ended song learner.

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The presence of song sharing in the pied bush chat is confirmed, which may help neighbouring males to mediate social relationships and a significant decline in the proportion of song repertoire shared with increasing distance between males is observed.

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A description of Cassin’s Vireo song sequences from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and network analysis to quantify transition patterns within the songs are presented, which reveal small-world structure in the songs.



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-An audiospectrographic study of some 12,500 songs of Redeyed Vireos (Vireo olivaceus), from over 46 birds from nine states, provided data on song structure, vocal repertoires, and the birds' use of


The vocal repertoire and displays of the White-eyed Vireo ( Vireo griseus) are poorly documented. This paper presents results of a study to elucidate the role of song in the behavior of this species.

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In a population of chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs) some song types are produced by many individuals while others occur only in the repertoire of single individuals. This frequency distribution of

Bird Song

A Study of Bird SongBy Edward A. Armstrong. Pp. xv+335+16 plates. (London: Oxford University Press, 1963.) 45s. net.

Song Variation within a Population of White-Eyed Vireos (Vireo griseus)

Intrapopulational variation in the songs of territorial male White-eyed Vireos (Vireo griseusgriseus) was studied at Gainesville, Florida during 1977 and 1978 and pairs of neighboring males had more dissimilar song repertoires than non-neighboring pairs of vireos.

Song variation in a population of Mexican Juncos

  • Wilson Bull .
  • 1980

Family Vireonidae: vireos, peppershrikes, shrike-vireos, and greenlets