Somewhere in Time: Utopia and the Return of Superman

  title={Somewhere in Time: Utopia and the Return of Superman},
  author={Matt Yockey},
  journal={The Velvet Light Trap},
  pages={26 - 37}
  • Matt Yockey
  • Published 21 February 2008
  • Art
  • The Velvet Light Trap
uperman is one of the most durable icons of American popular culture, evidenced most recently by the release of Superman Returns (Bryan Singer, 2006). The success of Superman texts depends in large part upon their ability to appeal to audience familiarity with the Man of Steel, a paragon of American values. It is this familiarity, coupled with the promise of moderate deviation in each text, that strongly informs the long-standing popularity of Superman. I argue that Superman Returns performs… 
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