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Something from “ Nothing ”-Eight Weak Estrogenic Chemicals Combined at Concentrations below NOECs Produce Significant Mixture Effects

  title={Something from “ Nothing ”-Eight Weak Estrogenic Chemicals Combined at Concentrations below NOECs Produce Significant Mixture Effects},
  author={E L I S A B E T E S I L V A and R E A S K O R T E N K A M P}
We tested whether multicomponent mixtures of xenoestrogens would produce significant effects when each component was combined at concentrations below its individual NOEC or EC01 level. The estrogenic effects of eight chemicals of environmental relevance, including hydroxylated PCBs, benzophenones, parabenes, bisphenol A, and genistein, were recorded using a recombinant yeast estrogen screen (YES). To ensure that no chemical contributed disproportionately to the overall combination effect, a… 

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Mixture Effects of Estrogenic Pesticides at the Human Estrogen Receptor α and β

Effects of the same ligands at the hERα and the h ERβ could influence the estrogenic outcome under physiological conditions, an observation that supports the need to expand the risk assessment of pesticides and consider cumulative risk assessment.

Cumulative Effects of In Utero Administration of Mixtures of “Antiandrogens” on Male Rat Reproductive Development

The results indicate that compounds that act by disparate mechanisms of toxicity display cumulative, dose-additive effects when present in combination.

Baseline toxic mixtures of non-toxic chemicals: "solubility addition" increases exposure for solid hydrophobic chemicals.

The results of the present study raise questions about the focus of risk assessment schemes and toxicity testing guidelines on individual substances, since apparently non-toxic chemicals might become toxic in a mixture.

Mixture effects of azole fungicides on the adrenal gland in a broad dose range.

Mixtures of endocrine-disrupting contaminants induce adverse developmental effects in preweaning rats.

No effects were seen after exposure to the estrogenic chemicals alone, whereas males exposed solely to paracetamol showed decreased LABC weights and increased NR, which suggests that highly exposed human population groups may not be sufficiently protected against mixtures of endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Generalized concentration addition: a method for examining mixtures containing partial agonists.

Combined action of estrogen receptor agonists and antagonists in two-hybrid recombinant yeast in vitro.





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To have a multimodal biometric system like a combination of fingerprint, retinal prints and so on, will not only avoid problems arising due to hacking of single point data but can also be useful in situations where one parameter cannot be used for one or the other reason.

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