Some ultrasonic values of carotid arteries.


Examinations of both common carotid arteries in men and women divided into three age categories (up to 30 years, from 30 to 50 years, over 50 years) were performed by ultrasonographic B-scan and Doppler technique. The average value of the maximal systolic speed of blood flow was in men 100.55 cm.s-1, in women 99.10 cm.s-1. The average speed of blood flow in men as well as women at the age up to 30 years was 110 cm.s-1; at the age from 30 to 50 years 102 cm.s-1 (-7.2%); at the age over 50 years 86 cm.s-1 (-21.8%). The average diameter D of the right common carotid artery in men was 6.37 mm, of the left 7.0 mm; in women 5.75 mm of the right and 6.0 mm of the left.

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