Some types of filters in residuated lattices

  title={Some types of filters in residuated lattices},
  author={Dumitru Busneag and Dana Piciu},
  journal={Soft Computing},
In this paper, inspired by some types of $$BL$$BL-algebra filters (deductive systems) introduced in Haveshki et al. (Soft Comput 10:657–664, 2006), Kondo and Dudek (Soft Comput 12:419–423, 2008) and Turunen (Arch Math Log 40:467–473, 2001), we defined residuated lattice versions of them and study them in connection with Van Gasse et al. (Inf Sci 180(16):3006–3020, 2010), Lianzhen and Kaitai (Inf Sci 177:5725–5738, 2007), Zhu and Xu (Inf Sci 180:3614–3632, 2010). Also we consider some relations… CONTINUE READING

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