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Some trematodes of freshwater fishes from North Vietnam with a list of recorded endohelminths by fish hosts.

  title={Some trematodes of freshwater fishes from North Vietnam with a list of recorded endohelminths by fish hosts.},
  author={Franti{\vs}ek Moravec and Ott{\'o} Sey},
  journal={Folia parasitologica},
  volume={36 3},
The present paper comprises a systematic survey of trematodes collected from 12 species of freshwater fishes from North Vietnam (the Red River near Hanoi). Altogether 16 trematode species (14 adults and 2 juvenile forms) have been recorded. These include: Amurotrema dombrowskajae, Platycladorchis microacetabularis, P. macroacetabularis, Neocladorchis multilobularis, Carassotrema koreanum, Azygia hwangtsiyui, Phyllodistomum clariasi, Phyllodistomum sp., Orientocreadium batrachoides, Masenia… 

Morphological Characteristics and Fish Hosts of Isoparorchis sp. (Digenea: Isoparorchiidae) in Korea

The morphological characteristics for the species identification and fish hosts of Isoparorchis sp.

Digeneans Parasitic in Freshwater Fishes (Osteichthyes) of Japan. I. Aporocotylidae, Bivesiculidae and Haploporidae

Adult digenetic trematodes (digeneans) parasitic in freshwater fishes (Osteichthyes) of Japan are reviewed in a series of several papers. The current knowledge of each of the digenean species is

Digeneans Parasitic in Freshwater Fishes (Osteichthyes) of Japan. III. Azygiidae and Bucephalidae

It is thought that the two bucephalid species were introduced artificially and accidentally, together with their common first intermediate host Limnoperna fortunei, from China into the Uji River (Yodo River system) in Kyoto Prefecture in the late 1990s.

Chalcinotrema thatcheri n. sp. (Digenea: Haploporidae) from Brazilian freshwater fishes, a redescription of C. ruedasueltensis Thatcher, 1978 and comments on the validity of the genus

C. ruedasueltensis Thatcher, 1978, is considered a good genus distinct from Carassotrema Park, 1938, on the basis of the presence of uterine loops between the ovary and testis and its totally different geographical distribution.

A new second intermediate host and phylogenetic relationships based on the ITS2 sequence of Isoparorchis sp. (Digenea: Isoparorchiidae) in Thailand

This study reports infections in freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium lanchesteri and Caridina sp.), including overall prevalence, mean intensity, morphological characters and molecular analyses, and shows for the first time that the freshwater shrimp M. Lanchesteri serves as a second intermediate host of Isoparorchis sp.

Revision of Isoparorchis Southwell, 1913 (Digenea, Hemiuroidea, Isoparorchiidae), Parasites of the Air Bladder of Freshwater Catfishes: a Molecular and Morphological Study

Distinctions in the ITS2 sequences obtained for samples from India support the interpretation that there are two species there, and one is identified as I. trisimilitubis, and the other remains an undescribed species.

Digeneans Parasitic in Freshwater Fishes (Osteichthyes) of Japan. IX. Opecoelidae, Opecoelinae

This paper reviews two species of digeneans parasitic in freshwater fishes of Japan: Exorchis oviformis Kobayashi, 1915 (Trematoda, Digenea, Opisthorchioidea, Cryptogonimidae) and Pseudexorchis major

Prosorhynchus maternus sp. n. (Digenea: Bucephalidae) from the Malabar grouper Epinephelus malabaricus (Perciformes: Serranidae) off New Caledonia.

A new species is described from the serranid fish Epinephelus malabaricus in the waters off New Caledonia, which belongs to a group of Prosorhynchus species from serranids in which the uterus is restricted to the postovarian region.

Parasites of Limnoperna fortunei

The results of fish sampling in the field, and field and laboratory experiments showed that 27 fish species and 13 fish species are the second intermediate hosts of Pa. parasiluri and Pr.