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Some topological results of Ricci limit spaces

  title={Some topological results of Ricci limit spaces},
  author={Jiayin Pan and Jikang Wang},
We study the topology of a Ricci limit space (X, p), which is the Gromov-Hausdorff limit of a sequence of complete n-manifolds (Mi, pi) with Ric ≥ −(n− 1). Our first result shows that, if Mi has Ricci bounded covering geometry, i.e. the local Riemannian universal cover is non-collapsed, then X is semi-locally simply connected. In the process, we establish a slice theorem for isometric pseudo-group actions on a closed ball in the Ricci limit space. In the second result, we give a description of… 


OF THE DISSERTATION On the local topology of Ricci limit spaces By Jikang Wang Dissertation Director: Xiaochun Rong A Ricci limit space (X, p) is the Gromov-Hausdorff limit of a sequence of complete

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Let (X, p) be a Ricci limit space. We show that for any ǫ > 0 and x ∈ X, there exists r < ǫ, depending on ǫ and x, so that any loop in Br(x) is contractible in Bǫ(x). In particular, X is semi-locally



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