Some results on weighing matrices

  title={Some results on weighing matrices},
  author={Jennifer Wallis and A. Whiteman},
  journal={Bulletin of The Australian Mathematical Society},
It is shown that if q is a prime power then there exists a circulant weighing matrix of order q 2 + q + 1 with q 2 nonzero elements per row and column. This result allows the bound N to be lowered in the theorem of Geramita and Wallis that “given a square integer k there exists an integer N dependent on k such that weighing matrices of weight k and order n and orthogonal designs (1, k ) of order 2 n exist for every n > N ”. 
A class of mutually inequivalent circulant weighing matrices
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Orthogonal designs and weighing matrices have many applications in areas such as coding theory, cryptography, wireless networking, and communication. In this paper, we first show that if positiveExpand
Structure of group invariant weighing matrices of small weight
Abstract We show that every weighing matrix of weight n invariant under a finite abelian group G can be generated from a subgroup H of G with | H | ≤ 2 n − 1 . Furthermore, if n is an odd prime powerExpand
The Classification of Circulant Weighing Matrices of Weight 16 and Odd Order
In this paper we completely classify the circulant weighing matrices of weight 16 and odd order. It turns out that the order must be an odd multiple of either 21 or 31. Up to equivalence, there areExpand
An infinite family of skew-weighing matrices
We verify the skew weighing matrix conjecture for orders 2t·7, t≥3 a positive integer, by showing that orthogonal designs (1,k) exist for all k=0,1,…,2t·7−1 in order 2t·7.
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Some properties of a new class of codes constructed using circulant matrices over GF(3) will be discussed. In particular we determine the weight distributions of the (14, 7) and two inequivalent (26,Expand
Circulant weighing matrices
The results fill in 52 missing entries in Strassler’s table of circulant weighing matrices (Strassler 1997), which considers matrices of order 1–200 with weight k ≤ 100. Expand
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Perfect Ternary Arrays
A perfect ternary array is an r-dimensional array with entries 0, +1 and —1 such that all of its out-of-phase periodic autocorrelation coefficients are zero. Such an array is equivalent to a groupExpand
On the Existance of Certain Circulant Weighing Matrices
We prove nonexistence of circulant weighing matrices with parameters from ten previously open entries of the updated Strassler’s table. The method of proof utilizes some modular constraints onExpand


Families of weighing matrices
A weighing matrix is an n × n matrix W = W ( n , k ) with entries from {0, 1, −1}, satisfying = WW t = KI n . We shall call k the degree of W . It has been conjectured that if n ≡ 0 (mod 4) thenExpand
Orthogonal designs III: Weighing matrices
A weighing matrix W = W(n,k) of order n and weight k is a square (0,l,-l)-matrix satisfying WWt -kIn An orthogonal design of order n on a single variable is a weighing matrix and consequently theExpand
Orthogonal Designs IV: Existence Questions
In [5] Raghavarao showed that if n = 2 (mod 4) and A is a {O, 1, -1} matrix satisfying AAt = (n 1) In. then n 1 = a2 b2 for a, b integers. In [4] van Lint and Seidel giving a proof modeled on a proofExpand
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The main result states that if q is a prime power = 3(mod 8), then there exists a skew Hadamard matrix of order 4n = q + 1 that is of the Goethals-Seidel type. Expand
Variants of cyclic difference sets
Received by the editors February 20, 1973. AMS (MOS) subject classifications (1970). Primary 05B10, 05B20, 05B25; Secondary 05B05, 15A24.
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