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Some remarks on the Kobayashi--Fuks metric on strongly pseudoconvex domains

  title={Some remarks on the Kobayashi--Fuks metric on strongly pseudoconvex domains},
  author={Diganta Borah and Debaprasanna Kar},
The Ricci curvature of the Bergman metric on a bounded domain D ⊂ C is strictly bounded above by n+ 1 and consequently log(K D gB,D), where KD is the Bergman kernel for D on the diagonal and gB,D is the Riemannian volume element of the Bergman metric on D, is the potential for a Kähler metric on D known as the Kobayashi–Fuks metric. In this note we study the localization of this metric near holomorphic peak points and also show that this metric shares several properties with the Bergman metric… 


On completeness of the Bergman metric and its subordinate metric.
  • K. T. Hahn
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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