Some properties of proline-sRNA synthetase from rat liver.

  title={Some properties of proline-sRNA synthetase from rat liver.},
  author={Clark Bublitz},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={128 1},
Abstract 1. 1. Some of the properties of a proline-sRNA synthetase from rat liver have been studied by either the hydroxamate assay or the proline-dependent 32 PP i -ATP exchange. 2. 2. The enzyme was noticeably stabilized by sucrose. Although all preparations were stimulated by mercaptoethanol, some aged preparations had an absolute requirement for added mercaptan for activity. 3. 3. The enzyme required either magnesium, manganese, or calcium for activity. Hydroxamate formation was inhibited… CONTINUE READING