Some people and some problems met in half a century of commitment to mathematical physics

  title={Some people and some problems met in half a century of
commitment to mathematical physics},
  author={Rudolf Haag},
  journal={The European Physical Journal H},
  • R. Haag
  • Published 7 December 2010
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal H
Abstract. Personnal recollection of half a century of Mathematical Physics.  
The Myth of Academic Excellence and Scientific Curiosity
We try to substantiate, using physics as an example, the following statement: the quality of scientific production cannot be measured by any numbers or indices whatsoever.
Top-Down Approaches in Physics
Chapters 6 and 7 contain Primas’ account of the conceptual lessons of quantum physics. They contrast the familiar bottom-up approach (Chap. 6) with a less discussed top-down point of view (Chap. 7).
1 0 Ju l 2 01 8 Positivity and causal localization in higher spin quantum field theories
It is shown that the recently introduced positivity and causality preserving string-local quantum field theory (SLFT) resolves most No-Go
Rudolf Haag's legacy of Local Quantum Physics and reminiscences about a cherished teacher and friend
After some personal recollectioms about Rudolf Haag and his thoughts which led him to "Local Quantum Physics", the present work recalls his ideas about scattering theory, the relation between local
Quantum theory and functional analysis
Quantum theory and functional analysis were created and put into essentially their final form during similar periods ending around 1930. Each was also a key outcome of the major revolutions that both
Quantum spin systems on infinite lattices
These are the lecture notes for a one semester course at Leibniz University Hannover. The main aim of the course is to give an introduction to the mathematical methods used in describing discrete
The 1957 quantum gravity meeting in Copenhagen: An analysis of Bryce S. DeWitt’s report
Between June 15 and July 15, 1957, three physicists met at the Institute for Theoretical Physics – the renowned institute directed by Niels Bohr in Copenhagen, Denmark – in order to discuss quantum
Local Quantum Physics
So far we have only discussed quantum spin systems, defined on a discrete lattice. In this chapter we will also look at continuous systems, defined on Minkowski space-time. It turns out that many of
From Gender to Gleason : The Case of Adam Becker ’ s What Is Real ?
It is easy to argue that the founders of quantum mechanics made statements which are opaque and confusing. It is fair to say that their philosophical takes on the subject are not infrequently
Hacking the quantum revolution: 1925–1975
I argue that the quantum revolution should be seen as an Ian Hacking type of scientific revolution: a profound, longue durée, multidisciplinary process of transforming our understanding of physical


Theory of reality
Bell's theorem is used to guide the formulation of a unified theory of reality that incorporates the basic principles of relativistic quantum theory.
On the problem of defining a specific theory within the frame of local quantum physics
The notion and use of germs of states are discussed. La notion de germe d’état et son utilisation sont 1’ objet de cette discussion.
Classical charged particles
Philosophy and Logic of Physical Theory A Short History of the Classical Theory of Charged Particles Foundations of Classical Mechanics The Maxwell-Lorentz Field Electromagnetic Radiation The Charged
Quantentheorie und die Teilung der Welt
Abstract We discuss an ontological model suggested by quantum physics. In presently existing theory its scope is limited. The judgment of the significance of these limitations depends on further
Fundamental irreversibility and the concept of events
It is proposed that the transmutation from possibilities to facts should be introduced as an essential element in fundamental theory. This has no bearing on TCP-invariance. If indeterminism is
When does a Quantum Field Theory describe particles?
We give a criterion which has to be satisfied in a Quantum Field Theory in order to allow a complete particle interpretation of the theory. The notion of “essentially localized states” in Field
Kruskal Space and the Uniformly Accelerated Frame
The striking formal similarities between the diagram of Kruskal space in general relativity and that of the uniformly accelerated rigid rod in special relativity are shown to be the result of certain
The Intrinsic Parity of Elementary Particles
The limitations to the concept of parity of quantum-mechanical states and, in particular, of intrinsic parity of elementary particles are discussed. These limitations are shown to follow from
Theory of Time-Dependent Scattering for Multichannel Processes
The existing time-dependent formal theory of scattering is valid only for the simplest case. The theory is extended to the general case of rearrangement collisions including the case where all or
Quantum field theories with composite particles and asymptotic conditions
The connection between the Nishijima-Zimmermann method and the Ekstein method of treating collision processes between composite particles in quantum field theory is given. Starting from the point of