Some natural bigraded S_n-modules

  title={Some natural bigraded S_n-modules},
  author={Adriano M. Garsia and Mark D. Haiman},
  journal={Electr. J. Comb.},
This work is gratefully dedicated to Dominique Foata for his inspiring and pioneering work in algebraic combinatorics. We hope that he will nd it to be in harmony with the Lotharingian spirit which he has nurtured for so many years. ABSTRACT. We construct for each`n a bigraded S n-module H and conjecture that its Frobenius characteristic C (x; q; t) yields the Macdonald coeecients K (q; t). To be precise, we conjecture that the expansion of C (x; q; t) in terms of the Schur basis yields… CONTINUE READING
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