Some morphological manifestations of experimental hypodynamia


The invest igat ion was c a r r i e d out on 29 rabb i t s . The an ima l s ' m o v e m e n t s we re r e s t r i c t e d by keeping them in meta l cages of about the same size and shape as the i r body. Mo~vements of the l imbs and t runk were t h e r e f o r e v i r tua l ly excluded, but the head r ema ined outside the cage. Suitable holes were dr i l led in the lower pa r t of the cage for r e m o v a l of exc re ta . The r abb i t s w e r e fed on a specia l stand; the quantity of food given was the same as for the r ema in ing rabb i t s in the expe r imen ta l unit. The per iods of hypody-namia were 4-8, 30, 45, 60, and 75 days. Regular observa t ions were made on the an imals . Per iodica l ly they were allowed to mix in o rde r to study the i r behav io r outside the cage and for ch ronax ime t ry and e l ec t romyography . P ieces

DOI: 10.1007/BF00813604

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