Some investigations on ASAM pulping and chlorine free bleaching of eucalyptus from spain

  title={Some investigations on ASAM pulping and chlorine free bleaching of eucalyptus from spain},
  author={Othar Kordsachia and B. Wandinger and Rudolf Patt},
  journal={Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff},
In ASAM pulping of eucalyptus important process variables, such as methanol content of the cooking liquor kind of additional alkali source and alkali ratio were investigated. The pulping results were compared to those of kraft cooks carried out with identical raw material. In the bleaching trials the attention was focused on chlorine free sequences. The most meaningful advantage of ASAM pulping in comparison to the kraft process is the easy bleachability of the pulps. The good bleaching… CONTINUE READING


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