Some exact BPS solutions for exotic vortices and monopoles

  title={Some exact BPS solutions for exotic vortices and monopoles},
  author={Handhika S. Ramadhan},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
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Compact vortices

We study a family of Maxwell–Higgs models, described by the inclusion of a function of the scalar field that represent generalized magnetic permeability. We search for vortex configurations which

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2 2 A ug 2 01 8 BPS Cho – Maison monopole

Dirac’s monopole [1], later generalized to the dyon by Schwinger [2], remains the most fruitful theoretical idea that is yet to be experimentally verified to date. Dirac’s famous quantization

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BPS Cho–Maison monopole

We present exact solutions to Cho--Maison magnetic monopole in a family of effective electroweak models, which have a BPS limit. We find that the lower bound to the mass of the magnetic monopole is



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