Some evidence for heightened sexual attraction under conditions of high anxiety.

  title={Some evidence for heightened sexual attraction under conditions of high anxiety.},
  author={Donald G. Dutton and Arthur Aron},
  journal={Journal of personality and social psychology},
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  • D. Dutton, A. Aron
  • Published 1974
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
Male passersby were contacted either on a fear-arousing suspension bridge or a non-fear-arousing bridge by an attractive female interviewer who asked them to fill out questionnaires containing Thematic Apperception Test pictures. Sexual content of stories written by subjects on the fear-arousing bridge and tendency of these subjects to attempt postexperimental contact with the interviewer were both significantly greater. No significant differences between bridges were obtained on either measure… Expand
Love at First Fright: Partner Salience Moderates Roller-Coaster-Induced Excitation Transfer
For males and females riding with a nonromantic partner, ratings of attractiveness and dating desirability toward the photographed individual were higher among persons exiting than entering the ride. Expand
Interpersonal Attraction and Visual Behavior as a Function of Perceived Arousal and Evaluation by an Opposite Sex Person
Summary Forty female college students were interviewed by male interviewers (Is) and led to believe that the Is had given them either favorable, neutral, or unfavorable evaluations. Half of the SsExpand
When Sex Primes Love: Subliminal Sexual Priming Motivates Relationship Goal Pursuit
Subliminal but not supraliminal exposure to sexual primes increased willingness to self-disclose, accessibility of intimacy-related thoughts, willingness to sacrifice for one's partner, and preference for using positive conflict-resolution strategies. Expand
Anxiety increases sexual arousal.
Twelve male subjects who were trained to expect tolerance-level electric shocks viewed an erotic film under three different counterbalanced conditions. In one condition, subjects viewed the eroticExpand
Correlational and experimental analyses of the relation between disgust and sexual arousal
Data support the inhibitory effect of disgust on sexual arousal, which was lower in the disgust condition compared to the neutral condition, and lower for women compared to men. Expand
Erotica Viewing Effects on Intimate Relationships and Self/Partner Evaluations
Co-occurring positive and negative emotional reactions were explored as possible explanation to the complex reactions to VSS. Expand
Arousal transfer: The influence of fear arousal on subsequent sexual arousal for subjects with high and low sex guilt ☆
Abstract Male subjects ( N = 128) with high or low sex guilt either were or were not threatened with shock (fear arousal manipulation) and then viewed either an erotic or a neutral film (sex arousalExpand
Romantic attraction and generalized liking for others who are sources of conflict-based arousal
A variety of studies have reported increased attraction to stimulus persons encountered in arousing circumstances. A variety of explanations have been put forward for this arousal-attraction effectExpand
Attraction in aversive environments: some evidence for classical conditioning and negative reinforcement.
Predictions derived from misattribution and negative-reinforcement theories concerning the mediators of attraction in aversive environments were examined and Confederates who were absent during the high-shock threat were found to be most attractive and significantly more attractive than those who were present during the threat. Expand
Reinforcement-Sensitive Personality Traits Associated With Passion in Heterosexual Intimate Relationships: An fNIRS Investigation
The findings support reinforcement sensitivity theory and suggest that reinforcement-sensitive personality traits (personality traits of reward and punishment sensitivity) are associated with all three components of love, with only reward sensitivity being related to passion. Expand


The effect of female aggressiveness on aggressive and sexual fantasies.
  • A. Barclay
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of projective techniques & personality assessment
  • 1970
Investigation of whether the sex of the anger-arousing individual has an effect on a connection between anger and sexuality found in earlier studies replicates earlier findings. Expand
Attitudes and Attraction
Publisher Summary This chapter describes research on interpersonal attraction in relation to a philosophy of science in terms of the historical antecedents and current developments. The co relationalExpand
Studies in the Psychology of Sex
  • D. Slight
  • Psychology
  • The Indian Medical Gazette
  • 1903
an impulse of evacuation and also of its being merely a reproductive impulse. Then Moll's dual definition of the impulses of detumescence and of contvacation are considered, especially in relation toExpand
Self-Perception Theory
Publisher Summary Individuals come to “know” their own attitudes, emotions, and other internal states partially by inferring them from observations of their own overt behavior and/ or theExpand
The Interaction of Cognitive and Physiological Determinants of Emotional State
Publisher Summary The different emotions are accompanied by recognizably different bodily states, and the direct manipulation of bodily state, by drugs or surgery, also manipulates emotional state.Expand
Cognitive, social, and physiological determinants of emotional state.
The problem of which cues, internal or external, permit a person to label and identify his own emotional state has been with us since the days that James (1890) first tendered his doctrine that "theExpand
The Origins of Love and Hate
Suttie's first book is a brilliant rebuttal of the gospel of Freud, set out in 14 enthusiastic chapters, each of which is summarized in the table of contents. Expand
The Principles of Psychology
I.TO give readers some idea of the contents of a good book is very often the most useful thing a reviewer can do. Unfortunately that course is not open to us in the present instance. The subject isExpand
A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive dissonance theory links actions and attitudes. It holds that dissonance is experienced whenever one cognition that a person holds follows from the opposite of at least one other cognitionExpand
The psychology of interpersonal relations
The psychology of interpersonal relations , The psychology of interpersonal relations , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)