Some epidemiologic features of canine neosporosis in Denmark.

  title={Some epidemiologic features of canine neosporosis in Denmark.},
  author={Katherine Rasmussen and Asger Lundorff Jensen},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={62 3-4},
From a serological survey of 98 dogs, the overall prevalence of subclinical neosporosis among dogs in Denmark was estimated as 15.3%. From a questionnaire completed at the time of blood sampling in 87 dogs, it was found that exposure to cats could be a risk factor for the infection in dogs (odds ratio 3.46; 95% confidence limit 1.1-11.4). Further, it was shown that the antibody response in a pregnant dog increased markedly during gestation, suggesting that the parasite may be reactivated during… CONTINUE READING

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