Some effects of limited exercise on purpose-bred beagles.

  title={Some effects of limited exercise on purpose-bred beagles.},
  author={S A Campbell and Holly Hughes and Herman E Griffin and Margaret S Landi and F M Mallon},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={49 8},
Amendments to the Animal Welfare Act (PL 99-198) require that an exercise program for dogs be established by the attending veterinarian. A 6-week study was conducted to determine the effects of a moderate exercise program in purpose-bred Beagles. Sixteen male Beagles (4/group) were maintained as follows: (1) standard cage without exercise; (2) standard cage with individual exercise periods (35 minutes, 3 times/week); (3) large cage without exercise; and (4) standard cage with group-release… CONTINUE READING