[Some developmental trends in the incidence of female suicide].


Samples of female suicides committed in the sixties, seventies and eighties were investigated in the Canton of Berne with regard to some demographic characteristics. The number of suicides and the suicide rate increased, however, the male:female ratio decreased in the City of Berne, but not in the remaining regions of the Canton. The suicide rates of the younger age categories were found to have increased and to approximate generally those of the older age groups. The protective influence of the marriage against suicide seems to be loosing its significance. The suicide rates among employed women were found to be lower than expected.

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@article{Modestin1987SomeDT, title={[Some developmental trends in the incidence of female suicide].}, author={Jiř{\'i} Modestin and Patrick Emmenegger}, journal={Sozial- und Praventivmedizin}, year={1987}, volume={32 3}, pages={183-6} }