Some aspects of the organization of the thalamic reticular complex

  title={Some aspects of the organization of the thalamic reticular complex},
  author={E. G. Jones},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Neurology},
  • E. G. Jones
  • Published 9 October 2004
  • Biology
  • Journal of Comparative Neurology
Anatomical methods which depend upon the anterograde axonal transport of isotopically labeled neuronal proteins or the retrograde axonal transport of the enzyme. Horseradis peroxidase, have been used to elucidate the relationships between the reticular complex and the dorsal thalamus and cerebral cortex. Injections of tritiated amino acide in the dorsal thalamus or cerebrasl cortex in rate, cats and monkey, show that as the bundles of thalamo‐cortical and cortico‐thalamic fibers joining a… 

The thalamic reticular nucleus of the adult rat: experimental anatomical studies

The cellular and synaptic organization of the TRN in adult albino rats on the basis of LM and EM studies of normal animals and experimental animals with injections of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and/or lesions in various parts of the brain is described.

Physiological characteristics of anterior thalamic nuclei, a group devoid of inputs from reticular thalamic nucleus.

This study tested the hypothesis that neurons of thalamic nuclei, which are normally devoid of inputs from the reticular thalamic nucleus, do not display spindle oscillations and related rhythmic

Organization of the Visual Sector of the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus in Galago

Contrary to the idea that thalamic connections with the reticular nucleus are not delimited sharply between nuclei associated with the same modality, the results show a distinct laminar segregation of the projections from the GLd and pulvinar nuclei.

Noradrenergic innervation of the thalamic reticular nucleus: A light and electron microscopic immunohistochemical study in rats

  • C. Asanuma
  • Biology
    The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 1992
Observations indicate that the ascending noradrenergic system, in addition to influencing the dorsal thalamus and the cerebral cortex directly, is well situated to influence signal transmission through the nuclei of the dorsalThalamus indirectly via a moderately dense terminal projection upon the thalamic reticular nucleus.

Organization of cortical afferents to the rostral, limbic sector of the rat thalamic reticular nucleus

  • D. Lozsádi
  • Biology
    The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 1994
These findings, together with data in the literature, show significant morphological and connectional differences within the TRN that imply functional heterogeneities.

Connections of the pretectum in the cat

  • N. Berman
  • Biology
    The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 1977
The connections of the pretectal complex in the cat have been examined by anatomical methods which utilize the anterograde axonal transport of tritiated proteins or the retrograde axonal transport of

Heterogeneous axonal arborizations of rat thalamic reticular neurons in the ventrobasal nucleus

Analysis of somatic size and shape revealed that diffuse arborizations arose from significantly smaller, fusiform‐shaped somata, which may reflect a dynamic range of inhibitory influences of nRt on dorsal thalamic activity.

Structure and connections of the thalamic reticular nucleus: Advancing views over half a century

The advance of knowledge of the thalamic reticular nucleus and its connections has been reviewed and Max Cowan's contributions to this knowledge and to the methods used for studying the nucleus have

Connections of the zona incerta to the reticular nucleus of the thalamus in the rat

It is demonstrated that there is a pathway from the zona incerta to the thalamic reticular nucleus of adult Sprague–Dawley rats, and the labelling observed in the present study may represent collaterals of zzon incERTa to higher order thalamate nuclei projections.




If the cellular changes in the reticular nucleus are indeed transneuronal in nature it would be necessary to demonstrate that the entire cortex is projecting upon the nucleus, and that it does so with an organization comparable to that described by Rose (1952).

An autoradiographic study of the efferent connections of the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus in the albino rat and the cat

The efferent connections of the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus of the albino rat and the cat have been studied using the autoradiographic method for tracing axonal pathways and no evidence could be found in either species for a projection from the LGNv to the visual cortex.

Retrograde axonal transport and the demonstration of non‐specific projections to the cerebral cortex and striatum from thalamic intralaminar nuclei in the rat, cat and monkey

The intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus have been examined particularly in the rat but with additional observations in the cat and squirrel monkey, with a view to determining the extent of their

Cytoarchitecture and somatic sensory connectivity of thalamic nuclei other than the ventrobasal complex in the cat

This study is a re‐examination, using autoradiographic and axonal degeneration methods, of the distribution of spinal, dorsal columnlemniscal and cortico‐thalamic fibers within the thalamus of the