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Some Tortricidae from the East Cordillera in Ecuador reared from larvae in Yanayacu Biological Station in Ecuador (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

  title={Some Tortricidae from the East Cordillera in Ecuador reared from larvae in Yanayacu Biological Station in Ecuador (Insecta: Lepidoptera)},
  author={J{\'o}zef Razowski and Janusz Wojtusiak},
  journal={Genus. International Journal of Invertebrate Taxonomy},
Eight species are described from Ecuador (Napo Prov.) as new on the basis of specimens reared from their larvae. These are: Xoser astonyx n. sp., Orthocomotis parandina n. sp., Anacrusis yanayacana n. sp., Anacrusis guttula n. sp., Sisurcana sanguinoventer n. sp., Sisurcana cirrhochroma n. sp., Sparganothina hermosa n. sp., Lypothora roseochraon n. sp. 
Accessions to the fauna of Neotropical Tortricidae (Lepidoptera)
The Oriental-Australian genus Pseudancylis HORAK is for the first time recorded from the Neotropical region and is described as new.
Review of Aesiocopa Zeller, 1877, with the Descriptions of Two New Species (Tortricidae: Sparganothini)
The abundance of rearing records suggests that the species is polyphagous, and the paucity of field-collected adults suggests that it may not be avidly attracted to light.
New Combinations in Sparganothini (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Tortricinae)
  • John W. Brown
  • Biology
    Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
  • 2019
Five new combinations and one new synonymy are proposed in Sparganothini and host plants are presented for P. hermosa, which appears to feed exclusively on ferns.
New Combinations in Neotropical Archipini and Atteriini (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Tortricinae), with the Description of a New Genus
Abstract. Five Neotropical tortricine species which currently lack meaningful generic assignment (i.e., “Archipini unplaced”) are assigned to genera. The following new combinations and synonymies are


Tortricidae [Lepidoptera] from the Mountains of Ecuador and remarks on their geographical distribution. Part IV: Eastern Cordillera
This paper constitutes part four of the series on Tortricidae from the mountains of Ecuador. 141 species are treated; 2 genera and 67 species are described as new and one new combination is proposed.
Tortricidae [Lepidoptera] from the Valley of Rio Gualaceo, East Cordillera in Ecuador, with descriptions of new taxa
Tortricidae collected in R o Gualaceo Valley with special attention to their elevational distribution are listed. Three genera and 34 species are described as new: Henricus cerussatus sp.n., Bonagota
Systematics and phylogeny of Sparganothina and related taxa (Lepidoptera : Tortricidae : Sparganothini)
This work provides a hypothesis of evolutionary relationships within the Neotropical genus Sparganothina and between this genus and other lineages of Sparganothini (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).