Some Spectral Properties of Uniform Hypergraphs

  title={Some Spectral Properties of Uniform Hypergraphs},
  author={J. Zhou and L. Sun and Wenzhe Wang and C. Bu},
  journal={Electron. J. Comb.},
  • J. Zhou, L. Sun, +1 author C. Bu
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Electron. J. Comb.
  • For a $k$-uniform hypergraph $H$, we obtain some trace formulas for the Laplacian tensor of $H$, which imply that $\sum_{i=1}^nd_i^s$ ($s=1,\ldots,k$) is determined by the Laplacian spectrum of $H$, where $d_1,\ldots,d_n$ is the degree sequence of $H$. Using trace formulas for the Laplacian tensor, we obtain expressions for some coefficients of the Laplacian polynomial of a regular hypergraph. We give some spectral characterizations of odd-bipartite hypergraphs, and give a partial answer to a… CONTINUE READING

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