Some Reflections on the Early Years of George III's Reign

  title={Some Reflections on the Early Years of George III's Reign},
  author={Herbert Sir Butterfield},
  journal={Journal of British Studies},
  pages={78 - 101}
The present paper is concerned with “political history” — with the problems of the statesman who looks at the situation from above and has to make decisions about it. Granted that conditions are of a given sort and that society has a certain form — granted that men are what they are and events have produced a predicament that calls for action — there are people who have a presiding position and an over-all responsibility; and their strategies and decisions are themselves an object of study. A… 
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The Misfortunes of Lord Bute: A Case-Study in Eighteenth-Century Political Argument and Public Opinion

Few politicians can have been as maligned, insulted and manhandled as John Stuart, third earl of Bute. Before 1760, cosseted within the confines of the Prince of Wales's court at Leicester House,



The Whig interpretation of history

It is not as easy to understand the past as many who have written it would have us believe. The historians who look at it from the Protestant, progressive, "19th Century gentleman" viewpoint are

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    Monarchy and the Party System

    • Personalities and Powers
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