Some Picard Theorems for Holomorphic Maps to Algebraic Varieties

  title={Some Picard Theorems for Holomorphic Maps to Algebraic Varieties},
  author={Mark Lee Green},
  journal={American Journal of Mathematics},
  • M. Green
  • Published 1975
  • Mathematics
  • American Journal of Mathematics
Let p and q be nonconstant meromorphic functions on C. We show that if p and q have the same preimages as one another, counting multiplicities, at each of four nonempty pairwise disjoint finiteExpand
Holomorphic curves with shift-invariant hyperplane preimages
If f : C ! P n is a holomorphic curve of hyper-order less than one for which 2n + 1 hyperplanes in general position have forward invariant preimages with respect to the translation �(z) = z +c, thenExpand
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AssmAcr. Degeneracy theorems are proved for holomorphic mappings from affine algebraic manifolds to projective algebraic manifolds of equal dimensions. A mapping is degenerate if it satisfies aExpand
Introduction to Value Distribution Theory of Meromorphic Maps
Value distribution of functions of one complex variable has grown into a huge theory. In several complex variables the theory has not been developed to such an extent, but considerable progress hasExpand
Algebraic degeneracy theorem for holomorphic mappings into smooth projective algebraic varieties
The famous Picard theorem states that a holomorphic mapping f : C → P 1 ( C ) omitting distinct three points must be constant. Borel [1] showed that a non-degenerate holomorphic curve can miss atExpand
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These notes are an expanded version of lectures delivered at the AMS Summer School on Algebraic Geometry, held at Santa Cruz in July 1995. The main goal of the notes is to study complex varietiesExpand
Entire Curves in Algebraic Varieties
In Chap. 3 the Second Main Theorem for differentiably non-degenerate meromorphic mappings f:C m →V into a projective algebraic manifold V of dimV≦m was established in a satisfactory form. It is theExpand
Integral points, divisibility between values of polynomials and entire curves on surfaces
We prove some new degeneracy results for integral points and entire curves on surfaces; in particular, we provide the first example, to our knowledge, of a simply connected smooth variety whose setsExpand
A tranversality theorem for holomorphic mappings and stability of Eisenman-Kobayashi measures
We show that Thom’s Transversality Theorem is valid for holomorphic mappings from Stein manifolds. More precisely, given such a mapping f : S → M from a Stein manifold S to a complex manifold M andExpand
Nevanlinna Theory and Diophantine Approximation
As observed originally by C. Osgood, certain statements in value distribution theory bear a strong resemblance to certain statements in diophantine approximation, and their corollaries forExpand