Some Operators that Preserve the Locality of a Pseudovariety of Semigroups

  title={Some Operators that Preserve the Locality of a Pseudovariety of Semigroups},
  author={Alfredo Costa and Ana Paula Escada},
  journal={Int. J. Algebra Comput.},
It is shown that if 𝖡 is a local monoidal pseudovariety of semigroups, then π–ͺ β“œ 𝖡, 𝖣 β“œ 𝖡 and are local. Other operators of the form 𝖹 β“œ(_) are considered. In the process, results about the interplay between operators 𝖹 β“œ(_) and (_) * 𝖣k are obtained.Β 
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