Some NP-complete problems in quadratic and nonlinear programming

  title={Some NP-complete problems in quadratic and nonlinear programming},
  author={Katta G. Murty and Santosh N. Kabadi},
  journal={Mathematical Programming},
AbstractIn continuous variable, smooth, nonconvex nonlinear programming, we analyze the complexity of checking whether(a)a given feasible solution is not a local minimum, and(b)the objective function is not bounded below on the set of feasible solutions. We construct a special class of indefinite quadratic programs, with simple constraints and integer data, and show that checking (a) or (b) on this class is NP-complete. As a corollary, we show that checking whether a given integer square matrix… Expand
The Inverse Problems of some Mathematical Programming Problems
This paper shows that the inverse problem of determining a KKT point of the non-convex quadratic programming is polynomial and proves the CoNP=NP, and solves an open question raised by Heuberger on inverse NP-hard problems. Expand
Undecidability and hardness in mixed-integer nonlinear programming
This work surveys two aspects of mixed-integer nonlinear programming and concludes that it is not a solvable class: instead, its formal sentences belong to two different theories, one of which is decidable while the other is not. Expand
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Nonconvex min–max fractional quadratic problems under quadratic constraints: copositive relaxations
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On affine scaling algorithms for nonconvex quadratic programming
  • Y. Ye
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Math. Program.
  • 1992
This work investigates the use of interior algorithms, especially the affine-scaling algorithm, to solve nonconvex — indefinite or negative definite — quadratic programming (QP) problems and shows that the problem with an ellipsoidal constraint is “easy”. Expand
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Copositivity and constrained fractional quadratic problems
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TIAN, YE. Conic Reformulation of Some Quadratic Programming Problems with Applications. (Under the direction of Dr. Shu-Cherng Fang.) In this dissertation, conic reformulations of severalExpand


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