Some Mathematical Methods of Physics

  title={Some Mathematical Methods of Physics},
  author={Gerald Goertzel and Nunzio Tralli and George Weiss},
The effect of horizontal shear flow on geostrophic adjustment in a barotropic fluid
The effect of a basic horizontal shear flow on the linear geostrophic adjustment process in an unbounded barotropic fluid is investigated. It is shown that the basic flow is absolutely stable to
A Comment on the Inverse Problem for the Seismic Wave Equation
Summary Equality of motion on the surface of two earths known to be identical on their surface implies that both earths are everywhere identical ' in the mean' and are driven by identical sources.
Isoperimetric and Other Inequalities in the Theory of Neutron Transport
Some isoperimetric and other inequalities occurring in the one‐velocity theory of neutron transport are derived. The quantities involved in these inequalities all refer to bare solids with isotropic
Spectral analysis of the light scattered by a ternary mixture
The normal mode analysis of the light scattered by a ternary mixture is presented. The treatment is based upon a method, previously formulated by the authors, which is valid under conditions for
Force on a Rigid Sphere in an Incompressible Inviscid Fluid
The force exerted by an incompressible inviscid fluid upon a stationary rigid sphere is calculated for an arbitrary potential flow incident upon the sphere. The result is applied to a sphere in the