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Some Large Deviations Asymptotics in Small Noise Filtering Problems

  title={Some Large Deviations Asymptotics in Small Noise Filtering Problems},
  author={Anugu Sumith Reddy and Amarjit Budhiraja and Amit Apte},
We consider nonlinear filters for diffusion processes when the observation and signal noises are small and of the same order. As the noise intensities approach zero, the nonlinear filter can be approximated by a certain variational problem that is closely related to Mortensen’s optimization problem(1968). This approximation result can be made precise through a certain Laplace asymptotic formula. In this work we study probabilities of deviations of true filtering estimates from that obtained by… Expand
Sequential Stochastic Control (Single or Multi-Agent) Problems Nearly Admit Change of Measures with Independent Measurements
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Large deviations for the optimal filter of nonlinear dynamical systems driven by Lévy noise
Abstract In this paper, we focus on the asymptotic behavior of the optimal filter where both signal and observation processes are driven by Levy noises. Indeed, we study large deviations for the caseExpand
Nonlinear filtering and large deviations:a pde-control theoretic approach
We consider the asymptotic nonlinear filtering problem dx=f(x)dt + ϵ1/2 dw,dy=h(x) dt + ϵ dv and obtain limϵ→0 ϵ log q 2(x,t) = -W(x,t) for unnormalized conditional densities q 2(x,t) using PDEExpand
On a multiplicative functional transformation arising in nonlinear filtering theory
SummaryThis paper concerns the nonlinear filtering problem of calculating “estimates” E[f(xt)¦y s, s≦t] where {xt} is a Markov process with infinitesimal generator A and {yt} is an observationExpand
A variational representation for certain functionals of Brownian motion
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Large deviations for optimal filtering with fractional Brownian motion
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