Some Islands Will Rise: Singapore in the Anthropocene

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Challenges and considerations of applying nature-based solutions in low- and middle-income countries in Southeast and East Asia
Low- and middle-income countries in Southeast and East Asia face a range of challenges related to the rapid pace of urbanisation in the region, the scale of pollution, climate change, loss ofExpand
Reading New Asian Tropicalities in Contemporary Singapore
Abstract:This essay theorizes the cultivation, suppression, and cooptation of new forms of Asian tropicality in the material and cultural productions of contemporary Singapore. Originating inExpand
Where is the Asia Pacific in mainstream international relations scholarship on the Anthropocene?
Abstract Some scientists propose that the Earth has entered the Anthropocene—a new geological age in which human activities have become the driving force behind global environmental changes. SeveralExpand


Climate Change and Singapore: Challenges, Opportunities, Partnerships
  • National Climate Change Strategy 2012. Singapore: National Climate Change Secretariat.
  • 2012
Management of Success the Moulding of Modern Singapore
Singapore s inheritance leadership and policy the restructuring of the economy the transformation of society the law value systems modification of the environment towards an information societyExpand
City in a Garden
Singapore Budget 2017: Singapore to Implement Carbon Tax from 2019; Diesel Taxes Restructured.
  • 2017
400,000 Hopes and Dreams Recorded at Th
  • 2016
Climate Action Tracker. 2016
  • “Singapore.” Last updated November
  • 2016
Contribution of Antarctica to past and future sea-level rise
A model coupling ice sheet and climate dynamics—including previously underappreciated processes linking atmospheric warming with hydrofracturing of buttressing ice shelves and structural collapse of marine-terminating ice cliffs—is calibrated against Pliocene and Last Interglacial sea-level estimates and applied to future greenhouse gas emission scenarios. Expand
GDP per Capita, PPP (Current International $).
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Modernist Infrastructure and the Vital Systems Security of Water: Singapore’s Pluripotent Climate Futures
Singapore climate change adaptation planning for water infrastructure is assessed against the concept of “vital security systems.” Cast against the historicity of water planning and postcolonialExpand
“ Nicoll Drive Being Raised to Stave Off Rising Seas . ”
  • Th e Straits Times
  • 2016