Some Historical Notes on Indecent Exposure and Exhibitionism

  title={Some Historical Notes on Indecent Exposure and Exhibitionism},
  author={F G Rooth},
  journal={Medico-Legal Journal},
  pages={135 - 139}
  • F. G. Rooth
  • Published 1 December 1970
  • Medicine
  • Medico-Legal Journal

“Exhibitionism”: Historical Note

The notion of exhibitionism is commonly traced back to an article by Charles Lasègue published on May 1, 1877, which, the journal’s Editor was proud to announce, introduced the reader to “a form of

“Exhibitionism”: Historical Note

The Management of Exhibitionism in the Elderly: A case study

The need for further research to elucidate not only the aetiology of exhibitionism in the elderly, but also the factors involved in the persistence of the behaviour and how to treat it is highlighted.

Exhibitionism: A Clinical Conundrum

  • P. Snaith
  • Philosophy
    British Journal of Psychiatry
  • 1983
Genital exhibitionism is a disorder without a satisfactory explanation; many views have been put forward as to its nature but although fragments of some of these theories appear to be relevant to the

Exhibitionism: An Exclusively Male Deviation?

IT is perhaps astonishing that a disorder apparently known to man for a mere one hundred and fifty years could have so quickly become the largest category of sexual offences in the western world. It

Indecent Exposure: A Review of the Literature

  • J. Gayford
  • Psychology
    Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1981
The exhibitionist himself, the circumstances under which he exposes himself and its effect on his victims, are reviewed and an evaluation is made of the various methods of treatment and court disposal.

Exhibitionism outside Europe and America

  • G. Rooth
  • Economics
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1973
This article reports the results of a postal inquiry into the occurrence of exhibitionism in countries outside Europe. Psychiatrists were contacted and reports received from 24 non-European