Some Episodes in the History of African Trypanosomiasis

  title={Some Episodes in the History of African Trypanosomiasis},
  author={W. H. R. Lumsden},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine},
  pages={789 - 796}
  • W. Lumsden
  • Published 1 August 1974
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
Colyer. Colyer removed the splints, extracted doubtful teeth, treated the sepsis and prided himself that his treatment was sound and Valadier's unsound. A bitter feud between these two 'experts' resulted. Some years later I again met Valadier, at his dental practice in Paris. He was evidently making excursions into oral surgery, for he had a range of small bottles of Lysol solution, in each of which was a sound tooth. He showed me a premolar saying that he would implant the tooth in someone's… 

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victions regarding the ease with which malaria might be combatted- notwithstanding our drugs and knowledge-even in a young, healthy population under discipline. I remember one evening in North Palestine when the consultant malariologist for the Middle East-the then to me

The impact of independence and nationalism on tropical medicine is discussed and the epidemiology of those communicable diseases of man and animals which are important in impeding development in the warm countries of the world is discussed.

African trypanosomes : a model for the improvement of molecular diagnosis of blood borne parasites

Development of diagnostic strategies for blood borne parasitic diseases and their applications in medicine and veterinary practice are studied.



Sleeping sickness. The Castellani-Bruce controversy

  • J. Boyd
  • History
    Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
  • 1973
Professor Castellani was undoubtedly the first to discover trypanosomes in the cerebro-spinal fluid of patients suffering from sleeping sickness, but there is reason to believe that he failed to appreciate the etiological significance of this finding, until it was brought home to him by Lieut.-Colonel later Colonel Sir David) Bruce.

Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

In the following summary relating to British contributions to tropical medicine bacterial diseases are not considered because they do not necessarily demand any special animal intermediary, nor are they destroyed in their passage by ordinary temperatures.

On the discovery of a species of trypanosoma in the cerebrospinal fluid of cases of sleeping sickness

  • A. Castellani
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London
  • 1903
Since that date I have made as many observations in this direction as possible, and the results are to my mind sufficiently surprising to excuse me for presenting this preliminary note.

Early days in British East Africa and Uganda.

  • C. Wiggins
  • Environmental Science
    East African medical journal
  • 1960
In terms of electromagnetic interference, unavoidable in field measurements is not always possible to determine exactly when the geography of the same stream transforms, although the legislation can be established otherwise.

Man against Tsetse

It is clear that this is one of the microscopes used by the workers ofthe Sleeping Sickness Commission

  • Meeting 3
  • 1970

Two Early Eighteenth Century Treatises on Tropical Medicine

Discussion on Vaccines from the Standpoint of the Physician

  • N. Raw
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • 1914
I have under treatment chronic cases of arthritis who are much deformed, and altogether beyond cure, but who continue to attend, because they find that their pains are rather better when they are under treatment than not, and am fairly well pleased with the results of vaccine treatment in these chronic cases.