Some Classes of Solutions to the Toda Lattice Hierarchy

  title={Some Classes of Solutions to the Toda Lattice Hierarchy
  author={Harold Widom},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • H. Widom
  • Published 8 February 1996
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
Abstract. We apply an analogue of the Zakharov-Shabat dressing method to obtain infinite matrix solutions to the Toda lattice hierarchy. Using an operator transformation we convert some of these into solutions in terms of integral operators and Fredholm determinants. Others are converted into a class of operator solutions to the l-periodic Toda hierarchy.  
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In this letter, we show that the Fredholm determinant D (λ; t ), introduced by Zamolodchikov in his study of 2D polymers, is the continuum limit of the soliton solution for the Toda lattice hierarchy
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Toda lattice hierarchy, in: Group representations and systems of differential equations
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