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Some Characteristics and Fatty Acids Composition of Wild Apricot (Prunus pseudoarmeniaca L.) Kernel Oil

  title={Some Characteristics and Fatty Acids Composition of Wild Apricot (Prunus pseudoarmeniaca L.) Kernel Oil},
  author={Cemal Kaya and Osman Kola and Mehmet Sertaç {\"O}zer and Ali Ihsan Altan},
In this study, the oil composition and some physical and chemical characteristics of wild apricot (P. pseudoarmeniaca L.) kernel oil (WAO) grown in Turkey were determined. Wild apricot kernel contain about 48-50 % crude oil of total dry matter. The oil consist of 93 % of unsaturated fatty acids and the main fatty acids are oleic (75 %), linoleic (17.5 %), palmitic (4.5 %) and stearic (2 %) acids. The other characteristics of the wild apricot oil are approximately as follows: refractive index… 
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ABSTRACT This study presents the performance evaluation of Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) kernel oil vegetable-based cutting fluid (AKO VBCF) using L27 orthogonal arrays design in the turning of AISI


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